Over the year in different leadership roles, I’ve learned a few valuable lessons on leadership. I try to apply them on a daily basis in my current leadership roles. Some of them help me being a better leader, some of these lessons don’t seem to work for me.

Serving  in leadership roles in both non profit and profit organisations, have made it very clear that both type of organisations have specific approaches for similar situations but the basics apply to both types of organisations. Don’t however assume that it’s because the organisation is a non profit organisation it cannot be professional. I’ve seen some very good examples where non profit organisations are more efficient  and professional than the profit counterparts.

I’ve learned over the years that strategy and concepts are too often not given the credit they deserve. If strategy is not clear or the concepts of your service model have not be developed, service will degrade over time. Maybe not to day or tomorrow, but it will happen sometime in the future.

With this website I want to share some (of my) ideas and experience on leadership and organisational development for both profit and non profit organisations.

The opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessary represent the opinions of the organisations I’m serving at that time.