Extreme democracy

My dear European friends,

I’m sorry to hear that we did not manage to get a solution for the CETA discussion. My point is not about CETA or why it’s not being approved. I’ve spent some time lately talking to members of the European Parliament about democracy and how important the balance between larger and smaller countries is. How Europe should be a place in the world where minorities are respected and treated accordingly. I do consider this a strength of the Europe we live in.
Unfortunately we all learned again today that strengths can become weaknesses very quickly. What we experienced: a minority of less than 1% of the inhabitants of the Union that blocks a decision, is clearly a strength that became a serious weakness that needs a urgent fix. When you experience a software bug, you don’t throw away the computer. You ask an expert to fix it. So let’s fix this bug and then a global world of local businesses is getting one step closer to reality.

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