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Lead the change

You always have a choice. Sit back and undergo the change or contribute to the change in society and lead. Change often start as a small, almost insignificant, detail that is different with what has been done before.
The change can be as little as changing a sequence, changing the way services are billed, a change in a business model, …
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Think global, act local

The world might seem like an enormous place but despite of the place where you’re born, your religion, the colour of your skin, we still have more in common than our differences.
If we need to solve issues, we need to think of global solutions that are executed locally with local adjustments. If a solution only works in one case, it probably isn’t the right one.

Easy is for everyone

Leading is not about making easy decisions. Leading is about making the right decisions. Sometimes you’re lucky, but often taking the right decision is not easy. When a decision involves a change, resistance can be even bigger. Being a leader is all about explaining why we need to take the difficult decision and not the easy way out.

It’s better to regret what you have done than what you haven’t.

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